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Family Home Health Services (FHHS) is a home healthcare agency with multiple locations throughout the state of Florida. As a Medicare-certified, deemed status accredited provider, we partner with hospitals, care facilities and physicians within the community to provide continuity of care to patients. By working with these local facilities, we can coordinate and identify opportunities to improve patient outcomes.


Family Home Health Services believes that the delivery of quality home health and primary care services is an important part of addressing physical well being.

We deliver care in the comfort of our patients’ homes, supporting and strengthening their ability to stay near loved ones in their preferred, familiar environment.

Our clinicians maintain open lines of communication between the patient, caregivers, physicians and case managers to support patient needs.

We help our patients reach their maximum potential and improve their quality of life by hiring proficient, qualified health care professionals who are accountable and empowered to provide compassionate care.

Our care, compassion and community extend beyond those we serve to those who serve with us, providing an atmosphere of dignity, personal integrity and respect to our staff as well as our patients.


If you are or a loved one is having any of the following difficulties, you (or your family member) may benefit from home healthcare:

  • Do you have difficulty leaving your home?

  • Have you fallen in the past 60 days?

  • Do you have trouble maintaining your blood sugars (diabetic patients only)?

  • Have you had difficulty standing or walking in the past 60 days?

  • Do you feel sad, nervous or uneasy?

  • Do you have open sores on your body?

  • Have your ankles been swollen more than usual?

  • Have you had any recent changes to your medications and/or diagnosis?

  • Do you have shortness of breath or high or low blood pressure?

Please contact us for more information if you are having any of the above difficulties.





We are committed to providing compassionate, collaborative, best-in-class clinical care, thereby enabling our patients to achieve their individual goals.

To have a culture where “extraordinary” is the norm

Our care, compassion and community extend beyond those we serve to those who serve with us.

We demonstrate excellence in our actions and our outcomes.

Our passion transforms our work into purpose.

Family Home Health Services was awarded an average 4.00 Star Quality Rating from CMS across our locations in Florida.