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Family Home Health Services

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Zoe® Fluid Monitoring System

Family Home Health Services utilizes the ZOE® Fluid Status Monitor to provide early identification of decompensation prior to symptom development.

The ZOE® Fluid Status Monitor is a non-invasive, battery powered impedance monitor designed as an 'early warning' monitor for determining changes in the fluid status of patients with fluid management problems.

Advantages to the Zoe® Fluid Monitoring System:
    - Lightweight, easy to use, FDA approved
    - Detects fluid increase up to two weeks before weight gain
    - No cost to patient

The ZOE® Fluid Status Monitor works by applying a low amplitude high frequency electrical current to the body, measuring the electrical impedance. Base Impedance also known as Zo, decreases when fluid increases and Zo increases when fluid decreases.

ZOE® measurement is a quick and easy method for determining whether individuals are experiencing fluid congestion or dehydration. Research indicates that Zo is an early predictor of congestion in heart failure, showing decreases as early as two weeks prior to weight gain and symptoms.

Benefits of the Hearts at Home Program with Zoe®
    -   Decreased hospitalizations and emergent care
    -   Reduces patient anxiety over their disease and
    -   Promotes self-care
    -   Increases patient and family satisfaction
    -   Increases understanding and compliance
    -   Increases independence
    -   Increases quality of life

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