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Family Home Health Services

“Let Our Family Care For Your Family”

Our Services

Family Home Health Services provides many types of health care services for those in need.

At Family Home Health Services, we believe there is no place like home when recovering from injury, illness, or following a surgical procedure.  The familiar surroundings of home and family allow our patients to focus on the healing process.

Committed to providing the highest quality in-home care specialists who will service the needs of our patients and their family, Family is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of all of our patients.

Family Home Health Services offers a wide range of services including:

             •      Registered Nurses            
             •      Physical Therapists
             •      Occupational Therapists
             •      Speech Therapists
             •      Medical Social Workers

Specialized programs focused on:

            ·      24-hour, on-call staff
            ·      Transitional Care Unit
            ·      Chronic Disease Management
            ·      Fall Prevention

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
On-Call  – 24/7

Our services are provided by Licensed Nurses, Therapists, Home Health Aides, and Medical Social Workers who work with our Medicare Certified Home Health Agency.   We provide Skilled, Intermittent Home Care while our patients enjoy the familiar and comfortable surroundings of home and family.


•  Eligible for Medicare Benefits

•  Under the care of a Physician who establishes and periodically reviews the Plan of Care

•  Require Skilled Nursing or Physical Therapy on an Intermittent Basis

•  Require services which are reasonable and necessary for treatment of the illness or injury

•  Be Homebound, where leaving home requires an extreme taxing effort

Family Home Health Services accepts Medicare Reimbursement for those patients who meet the above requirements.  Another insurance reimbursement is considered and accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Personal payment is also accepted for care.

Charges or patient responsibility for service and/or products are available upon request.  Patients with financial liability shall be notified in writing of any personal responsibility for payment at the time of admission and before the onset of services.

Referrals for care may be made by contacting us at the phone number or email address listed on this website.  Physicians may complete and print or email the referral form at the link available.