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Family Home Health Services

“Let Our Family Care For Your Family”

Hearts at Home

Individualized Program for the CHF Patient

The Hearts at Home program is based on the patients individual needs, wishes, limitations and goals, not on the diagnosis or disease with user-friendly tools promote self-care and involve the patient and their caregivers/family in day-to-day care activities.
        •  Daily Journal to record weight, blood pressure, daily
            activity and symptom awareness
        •  Patient-directed Workbook with fill-in sections for specific
            parameters directed by the physician
        •  Easy to understand Educational Materials o Wellness ‘Kit’
            with CHF specific guides such as eating out tips, daily
            activity plans and diet information 
        •  Use ZOE ® Fluid Monitoring System while on Home Care

Zoe® Fluid Monitoring System
        •  Impedence Monitor designed for in-home use
        •  Lightweight, easy to use, FDA approved
        •  Detects fluid increase up to two weeks before weight gain
        •  No cost to patient

Identifies Patients at Highest Risk
        •  Interdisciplinary team approach and assessment
                -  Addresses all needs

Team consists of the Physician, Nursing, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Medical Social Worker, Home Health Aide and outside consultants such as Pharmacy, Wound Care Specialist, Pain Management experts and Nutritionist or Dietician.

Benefits of the Hearts at Home Program with Zoe®       
        •  Decreased hospitalizations and emergent care
        •  Reduces patient anxiety over their disease and
        •  Promotes self-care
        •  Increases patient and family satisfaction
        •  Increases understanding and compliance
        •  Increases independence
        •  Increases quality of life

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