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Family Home Health Services

“Let Our Family Care For Your Family”

Agency Goals

It is our goal as an Agency to provide for:


In home, Family Home Health Services will reduce the need of the patient for hospitalization, thereby reducing both the cost and inconvenience of recovery. This approach facilitates the assumption of responsibility by the patient and the family for the health and personal needs necessary for recovery and comfort.

Family Home Health Services will seek to hire the most qualified personnel available in our area. To insure this goal is met, we will follow a systematic approach of evaluation including screening and a probationary status for all new employees during which time the level of that employee's proficiency will be examined. This method of evaluation will be supplemented with competitive compensation policies structured to recognize employee contributions, acceptance of responsibility and meritorious service.


An opportunity and incentive to expand his/her areas of expertise and professional skills. This will require comprehensive educational opportunities to be provided by Family Home Health Services. To supplement our in-service programs, we will be participating members in professional organizations and encourage the presentation and development of area workshops and seminars. We will also encourage our employees to expand their education opportunities by offering an Educational Reimbursement Policy to all qualifying employees for education courses applicable to the individuals employment responsibilities.

Adequate space and working conditions which may be utilized in time of community stress to provide voluntary services in and under the direction of either Civil Defense or Health Department authorities.


Organize and maintain a coordinated team approach to health service delivery. This methodology requires the utmost in communication between the personnel assigned to each case. We will be able to coordinate such activities between our skilled nursing staff and other caregivers in the home. Provide an evaluation of our effectiveness striving to better our performance at all levels. This quarterly procedure will be the function of the Advisory Board.

By close association and cooperation with other health and welfare providers, we will seek other sources of funding to meet the expanding personal health and environmental needs of our area.

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