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Family Home Health Services

“Let Our Family Care For Your Family”

From Our Family To Your Family

Family Home Health Services is a Florida-based home health care agency, Medicare-certified in December 2001, with 13 locations throughout the state of Florida. We are licensed to provide our services to 31 counties, covering nearly the entire East Coast of Florida, the Tampa Bay area, as well as the majority of Southwest Florida.

Our Deemed Accreditation Status from ACHC, our High CMS rating, our programs of statistical analysis and benchmarking, and our commitment to providing caretakers from our own fully-trained staff ensure that our patients will receive the best care available.

We provide health care services to clients in their homes assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day, self-care activities.

Family Home Health Services' favorable outcomes currently exceed national and state averages, while our substantial patient education programs give your patients and their families the tools and knowledge to best participate in their care. We focus on the best possible outcomes and maximizing quality of life for all whom we serve. Our commitment to flexibility enables us to meet the varied needs of each patient’s unique condition as well as we accommodate each physician’s goals and requirements.

We at Family Home Health Services look forward to an opportunity to serve its patients, providing the best care and the best partnership available in the home health care industry.

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